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"Armor of Light"

September 6th

It is time to wake up each morning and put on the cloak of Jesus. What would that be like? How would it feel to get dressed in the clothes of Jesus and go about our lives. Would you still be you, or would you be different? Would you be more compassionate? Would you have more patience? Would you stop and listen to people? Would you offer help and assistance?


"Follow in My Footsteps"

August 30th

Jesus’ life was to bring good news to the oppressed. His life and ministry on earth was a protest against the Roman Government and the Religious Authorities. Christ had his moments too. He flipped the tables of the money changers in the temple. We celebrate his triumphant protest march into Jerusalem every Palm Sunday. Jesus on a donkey bringing a message to the crowd. And Jesus’s death on the cross was to give us hope that no government will ever have the last word. God does. Everlasting life is our hope in the cruelty of this world. And as when anyone dies, there are always loved ones left behind. When Jesus was crucified, it was his disciples that were left behind to pick up their crosses and follow in his footsteps. 



​How important are Godly friendships? How important is it for us to make sure that we are building strong healthy realtionships? Learn about this and more.



No Fair!

We've heard the saying, "all is fair in love and war." However, we often want things in life to be fair and we want to receive what we believe we deserve. As we grow in our relationship with Christ, we also must learn to love like Christ. This series focuses on the three Passages from Matthew's Gospel that challenges our notions about church life. forgiveness and grace.

The Enemies of Gratitude

Being stuck and home with concerns of the pandemic can keep us down and prevent us from seeing all of the blessings that are right in front of us. Let's work on having an attitude of gratitude in the fall Lectionary Hebrew Bible and New Testament texts.