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Community Book Study

Surviving in a Polarized Community: Building Unity


Think Again by Adam Grant


*You do NOT need to sign up for a Sign Up Genius account and you do NOT need to include any credit card information, if you find yourself having difficulties please call or email the office ( / (262) 246-6710) with your name, email and which sessions you'll be attending, we'll be happy to get you signed up.

Still unsure if this study is right for you?

Ask yourself these questions...

- Are you in a close partnership relationship where you and your partner always cancel each other’s votes?


- Do you choose to stay silent or want to become invisible when people start to discuss a controversial subject?


- When voting, do you wish you were more informed on referendum topics that will determine public policy?


- Do you wish you knew a lot more about controversial topics that local and government elections as you to vote on?


- Do you wish you could diminish hostile polarities between people that you care about?


- Have you avoided conversations at church, the dinner table, or the breakroom at work, because you didn’t know how to navigate other’s opposing opinions?


- Are you tired of walking away from emotionally charged conversations about topics that are important to you?


September 7th

Individual Rethinking

September 28th

Interpersonal Rethinking

October 19th

Collective Rethinking