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Letter of Expectation for use of the facility for WEDDINGS

Redeemer United Church of Christ is pleased to make available our smoke free facility for your event and asks that you please respect our procedures and policies.

The Wedding policy includes a 3 hour booking inclusive of any time in the building prior to the ceremony and 1 hour for the rehearsal.

Due at time of booking:

1)        A completed Building Rental Form

2)        $250 Security Deposit* - If there are damages less than $250 from your event your deposit will be applied to the cost of repair or replacement.  If damages exceed this amount you will be billed accordingly.

*Security Deposit status secondary to cancellation of the event:

·         100% refundable if cancelled more than 6 months before the event. 

·         50% refundable if cancelled more than 3 months before the event.

·         0% refundable if cancelled less than 3 months before the event.

·         A cleaning fee for additional hours for our custodian is included in your fee schedule.  Any cleaning needed beyond normal and customary will be deducted from the security deposit.

·         If the event extends beyond the time booked, the additional $75 hourly fee ($50 facility plus $25 Wedding Coordinator) will be deducted from the security deposit.

3)      50% deposit of the total wedding event fee

The contract signee will receive the contact information for:

·         Redeemer’s Wedding Coordinator

·         Redeemer’s Musician

Due one month before event:

1)       Balance of the total wedding fee is due one month prior to the event. If balance is not paid one month prior to the event, Redeemer has the right to cancel your wedding date.

2)      The bridal party will meet with the Wedding Coordinator one month prior to arrange for desired ceremony set up and room use.

Wedding Coordinator:

Church door code or keys will NOT be issued.  Instead, the church provides a Wedding Coordinator available for your rehearsal and throughout your event.  The Wedding Coordinator will be there to assist the clergy, the bridal party, and the guests to ensure a successful event.

a.       The Wedding Coordinator is responsible for opening doors and locking the doors.

b.      The Wedding Coordinator will determine time used for rehearsal and wedding day event.

c.       The Wedding Coordinator will note the facility condition prior to and after the event to determine if the deposit will be returned in full.

d.      The Wedding Coordinator is present for 1 hour consultation before the wedding to discuss logistics, 1 hour for the rehearsal and for 4 hours the day of the wedding.

No decorations, streamers, balloons, etc. should be attached to wall/ceiling surfaces without prior approval of the Wedding Coordinator or Building & Grounds Ministry Team, which will provide guidelines.  No confetti, glitter, “silly string”, rice, fireworks, etc. should be thrown within or surrounding the building and parking lots.  Birdseed or biodegradable bubbles are permitted outside the main entrance for wedding celebrations.


W220 N4915 Town Line Road, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051


Fee Schedule:                                                                                                              Non-Member                            Member

·         Deposit – refundable*        see terms page 1                                                      $250                                       $250

·         Sanctuary (includes 1 hour rehearsal and up to 3 hours for event)           $500                                       $350

o    Wedding Coordinator

o    Cleaning Fee

·         Sound Technician               Basic: use of sound system                               $  75                                       $  75 

                             Deluxe: Powerpoint, etc.                                $175                                              $175

o    Ministerial & music services for events should be

scheduled separately with the Pastor and appropriate

musician(s).  Reserving of building does not guarantee

the availability of either.

·         Additional per hour fee (if booking exceeds 4 hours on day of event)     $ 75                                          $ 75

o    Facility ($50 plus $25 Wedding Coordinator)

·         Musician (if available)                                                                                       $150 Basic                              $150 Basic

ceremony only (arrangements made by wedding party)                            

basic fee (music chosen from list supplied by musicians; special requests for additional fees, at musician’s discretion)

·         Pastor Required  (arrangements made by wedding party)                         

suggested honorarium                                                                                          $300                                        $200-$300

·         It is expected when a Christian ceremony is desired that it is also the intention of the couple that they intend to grow together in their union with God. Pastor Julie requires a minimum of five committed sessions; one session of wedding planning, and four sessions of marital counseling. The four sessions of marital counseling will be split as two sessions before the wedding date and two sessions after the wedding date. It is preferred the sessions occur at six months and three months before the wedding date, as well as within three and six months after the wedding date.  If Pastor Julie sees the need for additional sessions before marriage, it is an expectation that they are required to be completed before marriage. If at any time the couple would like more sessions, Pastor Julie Eklund will accommodate.

Damage Fee : Use of Security Deposit if additional cost- cost of the repair or replacement

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