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Assistance is Available!

Redeemer Community during these COVID-19 times please let us know if you need assistance with grocery shopping and or perscription pick-up. There are many of you that may not feel safe grocery shopping and we want you to have what you need. We are happy to shop for you and drop off the groceries to keep our members safe. Please call the church office if you are interested in this assistance 262-246-6710.




Contact creditors to ask for loan extensions, suspended payments, or payment forgiveness. Creditors will probably work with you, but you need to reach out to them. Examples: credit cards, auto loans, etc.

Evictions and Foreclosures:

Evictions and foreclosures have been suspended for 60 days, starting 3/27/2020. You must still pay rent and mortgages, but civil action to evict should not be taken.

Student loan payments suspended:

A new federal law, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, provides automatic suspension of principal and interest payments on federally-held student loans through September 30, 2020. This benefit also does not apply to private (non-federal) student loans owned by banks, credit unions, schools, or other private entities.

What to do if your student loan is not a federal one?

Contact your servicer to find out what options are available to you. Some private lenders offer their own reduced payment options. Many servicers offer ways to postpone your payments, such as forbearance.

Recovery Bill Rebates:

Recovery rebates of up to $1,200 for singles, $1,200 for heads of households, and $2,400 for married couples filing jointly — families with children under 17 will also receive an additional $500 per qualifying child. Payments would be phased out for those earning more than $75,000 a year. Those earning more than $99,000 would not be eligible. These phase-out numbers double for married couples. The only people excluded are those who are behind on child support payments.

I am eligible for a rebate, what do I have to do to receive it? 

For the vast majority of Americans, no action on their part will be required to receive a rebate check since the IRS will use a taxpayer’s 2019 tax return if filed or their 2018 return if they haven’t filed their 2019 return. This includes many individuals with very low income who file a tax return despite not owing any tax in order to take advantage of the refundable Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.


Expansion of unemployment benefits, including for self-employed and gig-economy workers.

Jobless workers receive an extra weekly boost from the federal government of $600/week in addition to state aid. Self-employed workers, independent contractors and those who typically don’t qualify for unemployment benefits would be eligible.

Unemployment benefits, which run out after six months in most states, will be extended for an additional 13 weeks.

Food Pantry

Use the food pantry once a week to help offset the cost of food.

Support Groups

*Group Leader/Leaders

*Circle Leader/Leaders

Circle 1             Betty Aumann

                        Donna & Alex Becker

                        Vic Berger

                        *Don & Caryn Easterling

                        Corky & Janet Curtis


Circle 2             Barb & Bill Andrekopoulos

                        Mark & Kris Benson

                        *Claire & Howie Beutler Cruise

                        Laura Borth

                        Brian & Patty  Bosch



Circle 3             Sue Borth

                        Kyle Bucher

                        Amy Chavie Smith

                        Karl & Joan Cooper

                        Kailyn  & Wade Crook

                        *Risa Kuhlman


Circle 4             Darrin & Dawn Dauffenback

                        *Marty Daivs

                        Bob & Joan Dietlmeier

                        Eric * Halie Dobbeck

                        Mary Dopierala


Circle 5             Jon & Julie Eckert

                        *Rick & Angela Eggert

                        Bruce & Paula Eklund

                        Brad & Beth Enneking

                        Megan & Brian Everts


Circle 6             Harvey & Janice Buth

                        Dorthy Egre

                        George & Mary Lou Evert

                        Marv Freyer

                        *Jim & Dawn Hobbick


Circle 7             Nicole Faulstich

                        Ali Fero

                        Jim & Debbie Firzlaff

                        *Jason & Jolie Fritz

                        Perry & Maureen Gaudynski


Circle 8             Andy & Carol Fero

                        Lori & Jeff Gersonde

                        Jane Glodoski

                        *Jim & Sally Gorman

                        Sandra Graham & Pat Jensen


Circle 9             Jared & Lisa Fero

                        Scot & Shelly Hart

                        Nansi Hawkins

                        *Steve & Debbie Hecky

                        Kurt & Sarah Hemmingsen


Circle 10          *Jean & Jeff Fero

                        Jerry & Marilyn Hinze

                        Jean Hinsey

                        Betty Krueger

                        Diane Kuhlman


Circle 11          Carolyn Jaeschke

                        Tim Jansen

                        Nancy & Gary Jeffers

                        Keith & Nancy Jones

                        *Chuck & Madi Kirby


Circle 12          Cotey Jordan

                        Linda Kind

                        Greg & Lori Kruepelak

                        Ryan & Aymee Kuhlman

                        *Rick & Lisa Lokken


Circle 13          Kelly & Adrianna Jordan

                        Joe & Margie Klein

                        Mike & Tammy Knoebel

                        Michael & Albert Krupelak

                        *Risa Kuhlmann


Circle 14          Robert & Dawn Jordan

                        Sandra & Jerry Knoebel

                        Nancy & Randy Ludin

                        *Pam & Jim Luken

                        Don & Audrey Macomber


Circle 15          Bill & Janet Lamers

                        Stacy & Lamar Leckman

                        Ammeliese Lokken

                        Jay & Debbie Makowski

                        *Chris & Jamie Martin


Circle 16          Eric & Jennifer Larsen

                        Stephani & TJ Leicht

                        *Korie & Jon Mitchell

                        Brendan & Niki Moore

                        Robert & Linsday Morris


Circle 17          Sue Malsack

                        Jodi Marx

                        Dick & Nancy Mueller

                        Carol & Pierre Norchet

                        *Lisa Morris


Circle 18          Eliane Meyer

                        Betty Mindemann

                        *James & Lisa Morris

                        Fred Schildt

                        Betty Peterson


Circle 19          *Kim & Mary Olson

                        Scott Olson

                        Tim & Annette Payne

                        Dave & Melissa Pfeiffer

                        Carolyn Radant


Circle 20          Dylan & Ashely Raap

                        Cori & Doug Raue

                        Eric & Catherine Richardson

                        Scott Ries

                        *Bob & Michelle Rockey


Circle 21          Heidi & Bob Rymaszewski

                        Kathleen & Gene Schaber

                        Deloras Scharmer & Duane Dummer

                        *Jim & Raechel Schowalter

                        Norm & Alice Schultz


Circle 22          *Bonnie Seidlitz

                        Nancy & Matt Simpson

                        Fred Smith &  Linda Graebner-Smith

                        Al Stangler

                        Kurt & Kyla Stefan


Circle 23          Randy Steffan

                        Tom Stolper

                        *Jon & Tammy Stratmeyer

                        Mike & Vicki Strieter

                        Rpaul & Rebecca Stuempfig


Circle 24          Russell Schaetzke

                        Betty Specht

                        George & Sharon Steiter

                        Al Stueve

                        Keith Townsend

                        *Don & Caryn Easterling


Circle 25          *Dave & Barb Swan

                        Brian & Chris Teerlinck

                        Tracy & Ryan Tiegs

                        Julie & Bob Ullman

                        John Waldvogel


Circle 26          Mel Trapp

                        *Nancy Vollbrecht

                        Donna Wegener

                        Don Weiland

                        Jane Terry


Circle 27          Brad & Cheryl Swan

                        Eric & Susan Trapp

                        Angie Weidemann

                        Ann Wied

                        *Dave Wolken

                        Sue Younk