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We are Witnesses

April 18, 2021

It would be a lot easier on all of us if we had video documentation of the life of Jesus. If we could watch old televised interviews with Jesus by the Barbara Walters or the Walter Cronkites of biblical times. But we have to rely on the scriptures, the writers, and the theologians that witness the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have to rely on our commitment to our study of the story and it’s meaning. We have to overcome our fears and doubts of understanding what it means to be a witness for Christ.


The Story We Complete

The stone has been rolled away. Christ lives.  We have the power of the good news and the story of Christ. We have the belief in the resurrection.  We have the uncomfortable ending of the gospel of Mark, where we can decide how we will tell our story. We can decide if we will be the religious people who yelled Crucify Him, Crucify Him, or the disciples who are learning to love more. My story ends with us learning to love more and taking action in our community for a just world for all.


Social Justice

We are a church that is Learning to Love More. Loving and caring for others in our community is what Jesus has commanded us to do.  Watch all of our archived worship services here.







Reveal: 2021 Easter Sermon Seeds Series

April 4-May 23, 2021

To reveal is to make known, and the scripture passages and themes in this season emphasize the making known of the Christ event in a public way. The mystery of Jesus’ teaching using parables and veiled language prior to the passion and resurrection may be understood more fully or give way to visible demonstrations. From the emptiness of the tomb to the uncovering of scars to the assumption of leadership by the disciples, the fulfillment of the Good News reveals itself through public witness.

Season after Pentecost
May 30-November 21, 2021

The Spirit at work guiding the church in our day is the theme for the very long season after Pentecost.  In year B, the primary gospel is Mark.  The color for the Season after Pentecost is traditionally green, the color of nature’s growth.