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November 29, 2020


There are moments that we do not choose, that happen to us, that we find God shaping us as followers of Christ. Moments like now. There are also moments that we do get to choose. Moments that we can say yes to or no to. Perhaps those choices are for ways to be involved in something new, maybe a career move, maybe a class to be challenged and learn something new, maybe an invitation to a new relationship with someone that we least expect. God’s work on us is never finished, we will continue to be shaped by God’s hands through both moments we choose and moments we do not.


The Last Word

November 22, 2020


When Jesus reigns in our hearts, when we give Jesus the last word, that means we are choosing to do and say bold things that we will be criticized for. Doing and saying bold things that are not popular or that follow cultural norms. It means deepening our relationship with Christ, every day and that takes unwavering work and commitment. But it also brings forth what people really want in their lives: authentic love, true joy, and unconditional belonging.

Thanksgiving Worship

November 26, 2020



Social Justice

Everyday we get a new chance to learn something new, to connect to a new human being, to let go of things that are not full of life. But we have to be willing to be rich soil; to keep God’s ordinances of justice. We must do the work of our hearts and be miracle-grow.



The Good News About Death

Stretching from All Saints day to the Reign of Christ Sunday we will speak openly about death and the hope of Christ's death and resurrection. Losing a loved one can bring us unbearable grief. Yet we rarely talk about it outside of a funeral service. Let us rejoice in life beyond death.

3 Great Love Advent Series

3 Great Loves is our denomination-wide mission initiative, telling the story of how we live out God’s love through the lens of 3 Great Loves: Love of Neighbor, Love of Children, and Love of Creation. As a congregation we are embodying the Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love of the Christ-child during this Advent Season.