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The Joy of Love

May 9, 2021

We may think of love as being some kind of emotion or feeling we have. But love is an action that risks our lives. Jesus tells us, “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” Jesus was a risk taker, not a rule follower. He healed on the Sabbath, he treated women and children as equals, he ate with sinners, he refused to worship money. And all of these risks added up, to where his life was taken by the government. “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”


Beloved, Be Loved, Be Love

It’s hard for us to be the branches that bear fruit when we live in a culture driven society and the culture pumps us with voices of judgment, cynicism and fear. It’s hard to move forward when society has closed minds, closed hearts and closed wills. According to Search Engine Journal marketing’s top tools are guilt, shame and fear. We are surrounded by that constant message. Don’t leave your family in debt, buy life insurance, don't become a victim, buy a security system, if you make a change, your worst fear will become a reality. Fears about taking the vaccine or not taking the vaccine, fears about masks or no masks. We are surrounded by it so much that judgment and fear have taken over our lives. 


A commercial for Simply Safe Home Security says, protection against all the threats you can see and all of the ones you can’t. It works, they are the best home security of 2020.


Even us in the church, who know we are supposed to be focused on Christ, who know we are supposed to have and trust in the divine, can get swept into fears. Fears about membership, fears about worship attendance, fears about having enough money to cover our mortgage and unexpected expenses. And if we are not careful, those fears can wrap around us so tight, that we cannot bear fruit.


Social Justice

We are a church that is Learning to Love More. Loving and caring for others in our community is what Jesus has commanded us to do.  Watch all of our archived worship services here.







Reveal: 2021 Easter Sermon Seeds Series

April 4-May 23, 2021

To reveal is to make known, and the scripture passages and themes in this season emphasize the making known of the Christ event in a public way. The mystery of Jesus’ teaching using parables and veiled language prior to the passion and resurrection may be understood more fully or give way to visible demonstrations. From the emptiness of the tomb to the uncovering of scars to the assumption of leadership by the disciples, the fulfillment of the Good News reveals itself through public witness.

Called: 2021 Pentecost and After Pentecost Sermon Seeds Series

May 30-November 21, 2021


On the Day of Pentecost, the Spirit breathed life into the Body of Christ, and like the bones depicted in Ezekiel’s vision, they came together and stood up. That church stood up for the good news revealed in Jesus Christ and in their emerging ministry in the world. Today’s church is also called by God to live and to proclaim life abundantly!

— Rev. Dr. Cheryl A. Lindsay


The Sermon Seeds Series for the Day of Pentecost and the immediate weeks after will flow from the theme, “Called,” and explore the nature of our calling to be church.