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June 9, 2024


It’s easy, especially now in the partisan political climate to divide. I’m sure Jesus’ family didn’t realize their aligning with or behaving similarly to the religious authorities who are opposed to Jesus. They probably are thinking they are helping or protecting Jesus. And that’s where self reflection and spiritual discernment comes in. How are my behaviors and choices affecting the family and the mission of Christ? Am I really for unity or am I aligning more with the religious authorities?




Today’s scripture from the gospel of Mark isn’t exactly about doing good deeds but about taking a Sabbath. First the Pharisees were upset because the disciples were picking grain on the Sabbath. They were hungry and needed to eat. Jesus responded with “The Sabbath was made for people, not people for the Sabbath. That is why the Chosen One is ruler even of the Sabbath.” So essentially the people’s wellbeing is why the Sabbath was designed, so people should come before any interpretation of a rule.

The second example we see Jesus in the synagogue with someone who needed healing. The religious authorities were eagerly awaiting to see if Jesus would heal on the Sabbath. Jesus asked the religious authorities if it was permitted to do a good deed on the Sabbath–or an evil one? To preserve life or destroy it? They did not answer Jesus. Our scripture says that Jesus was both angered and deeply grieved by their response and then healed the man.


Social Justice

We are a church that is Learning to Love More. Loving and caring for others in our community is what Jesus has commanded us to do.  Watch all of our archived worship services here.






Here I Am: 2024 After Pentecost Series

The season After Pentecost affords us an opportunity to focus on the joys and costs of discipleship. The overarching theme for the season is “Here I Am” based on the call of the prophet Isaiah. Before he can hear and respond to the call, Isaiah first acknowledges the need of the people, which is ultimately the distance between who they are and the Holy One in whose image they are created. Isaiah receives the gift of grace and responds enthusiastically to share that grace with others. This is the calling of the church–to be recipients and messengers of the good news that an encounter with the Holy One gives hope, reconciliation, and new life.

This series is an invitation to renewal for the body of Christ to respond to the call to public witness, loving presence, and hope-filled ministry with an enthusiastic and resounding…Here I Am.


May 26, 2024 (Trinity Sunday): John 3:1-17 | “Born of Water and Spirit”

June 2, 2024: Mark 2:23-3:6 | “Sabbath”
June 9, 2024: Mark 3:20-35 | “Kin-dom”
June 16, 2024: Mark 4:26-34 | “Seed”
June 23, 2024: Mark 4:35-41 | “Faith”
June 30, 2024: Mark 5:21-43 | “Healing”