Redeemer’s Rising is the theme of our Debt Reduction Appeal. We are spiritual family, alive in faith, and ready to respond to God’s call to share the joy of Christian life. Alive in faith, we look to shape the future as we live out our mission to be an inclusive, spiritually nourishing Christian faith community.

The Redeemer’s Rising Appeal is an important step for our congregation as we together strive to raise as much as $400,000 or more over the next three years to reduce our mortgage debt. All funds received in this appeal will go directly towards mortgage principal pre-payment. This is a very challenging goal… but a goal we can reach if we all stick together and respond generously. Everyone’s participation will be important… everyone’s gift will play an important part. To reach our goal of $400,000, we also know that we will need those who have been financially blessed to consider a legacy of $20,000 to $50,000 or more.

Up to now, we have been fortunate that interest rates have been low. In the future, if interest rates rise as many expect they will, the additional interest expense would put a real squeeze on our church budget. Therefore, for our congregation’s financial security, it is important that we reduce our debt balance as much as possible, as quickly as possible. It’s worth noting that every $1 given to this appeal saves $2 of interest expense. Together, we will put our congregation on more solid financial footing and position us well for the future as we continue to be a church more spiritually alive, radically inclusive, and engaged in our communities.

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These are exciting times for our congregation. Please join us in praying that God blesses our appeal -

Gracious God, you have begun many good works here at Redeemer. We pray now for the success of our Redeemer’s Rising appeal. We pray that through our Debt Reduction Appeal, you will continue to bless our future. Through your aid, may we grow in the joy of Christian stewardship, and be uplifted by the mission of your church. Amen.